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Fire Detection and Alarm System


Detect Fires at an Early Stage with Fire Detection Systems

Fire detection and alarm systems are life safety systems designed for detecting fire at an early stage and alarm the occupants. These systems play a vital role in protecting the safety of emergency response personnel. Fire detection and alarm systems are highly beneficial in reducing the property loss and downtime for the operations. With over years of experience in the field, Ftech Enterprises Private Limited offers smart solutions designed to protect your lives quickly and effectively.

We are a Trusted and Reliable Partner
We are a trusted and reliable partner to fully support you with your experience during every step of your project. We offer a full range of fire safety system services including design and development, supply, installation, testing and commissioning. Our highly committed team offers solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and standards.
Advantages of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

We Assist Our Clients with the Design, Installation, Testing and Commissioning

We assist our clients with the design, installation and operation of fire detection systems. Our skilled technicians monitor all parts of a building and install fire detection and alarm systems in the areas where these detectors can get triggered either manually or automatically by visible or invisible smoke or flames.

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