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Foam System

Foam Fire Fighting System

Foam systems are mainly used to form a coherent floating blanket on flammable and combustible liquids to extinguish or prevent fires. Foam systems prevent re-ignition by suppressing the formation of flammable vapours, and providing a degree of exposure protection from adjacent fires. The foam systems are highly beneficial in fire prevention, control or extinguishing agent for flammable liquid in tanks or processing areas.
We Offer Protection As Per Industry Standards
Ftech Enterprises Private Limited offers Fire Protection System as per IS Standards, NFPA, FM Global with design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning. We thrive to provide fire protection services in industries like power plants, gas plants, manufacturing plants, warehourses and residential an commercial area. Foam systems are widely used to avoid fire coming in contact with the oxygen and cooling it down.

Working of Fire Protection Foam System

When a foam sprinkler system detects fire, it is triggered. It causes the water to flow into the bladder tank. The foam concentrate finds its way into the bladder tank with the help of proportioner attached to it. The proportioner is responsible for maintaining and keeping in check the desired percentage of foam.

This foam passes though the pipes, under pressure and directly on the fuel or fire, though the sprinkler. The foam covers the fuel like a blanked and isolates the Oxygen. The Fire Triangle is now, broken

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At Ftech Enterprises Private Limited, we are well aware of the current changing scenario with all the major activities in the industry. Being in the field of safety, we are trend setters. We reduce unsafe activities to nill to ensure that your work pace never reduces. We have a strong rapport and relationships with our clients so that their projects are executed to your satisfaction. Both of our directors are our strength and whose guidance enables us to take fast decisions. We follow a professional approach towards our clients to ensure all their needs are met in an effective manner.

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